Born and raised in Miami, Florida.

Interested in art at a young age, I pursued my interest in art at South Wood Middle School for the Visual and Performing Arts, then moved onto D.A.S.H. (Design and Architecture Senior High).

After graduation, thru a series of random events, I landed an apprenticeship with Rob Benson of Bison Tattoos in 2001.

Rob worked with me on taking bits of my favorite art modes:  Graffiti, Cartoons, Graphic Design, and Art Nouveau.  Thru this exercise, I was able to combine their favorable characteristics into what you call a “style”.

After Rob passed away, I started moving around Florida in order to work with other artists that I could continue to develop.

In an effort to start a new chapter in my life, I moved to Daytona Beach and quickly found a home here at Generation X.

Surrounded by amazingly technical artists and superb creativity, as well as, diversity; I plan on calling this place home for the foreseeable future.