Quality matters. Self-taught tattoo artist.

Charles Alvarez mostly referred to by most as Chino, has a creative take on tattooing. Born and raised in the streets of Miami’s media and graffiti culture, art was no stranger to him. Chino was always immersed in the arts, one way or another from an early age. Chino manages to fuse old school traditional tattooing with a unique brand of graffiti-new school/color bombing.

Still being true to his Miami roots, he specializes in gray wash/macabrĂ© and horror subject matter. From both opposite sides of the spectrum be it: “demons, vomiting babies, or a gold fish swimming in spaghetti”, Chino manages to pick the brain of his clients to fit his/her vision. With over 10 years of experience and an open mind, you and Chino can create the perfect tattoo design that will last for years to come.