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$35 with a standard hoop (surgical steel)

$45 with a curved barbell (surgical steel)


$35 with a standard hoop (surgical steel)

$40 with a curved barbell (surgical steel)


$35 with a standard barbell (surgical steel)

Ear Cartilage

$35 with a standard hoop (surgical steel)

Earlobe with Stud

$30 for 1 or 2 for $50

Earlobe with Hoop

$35 for 1 or 2 for $50 (surgical steel)

Nose (Nostril)

$35 for stud or hoop (surgical steel)

Nose (Septum)

$55 with a standard horseshoe (surgical steel)


$40 for 1 or 2 for $70 (surgical steel hoop)


$45 with a standard stud (surgical steel)


$90 and up with standard jewelry (surgical steel)

We are running a special on many of our piercings, if you mention this ad:

All initial piercings include the standard surgical stainless steel jewelry with these prices. Please mention this ad in order to receive your special savings!

In addition to surgical steel, we can also pierce you with solid 14 kt Gold for an additional charge.

We do carry a wide selection of Surgical Steel, solid 14 kt Gold, White Gold, Sterling Silver, Niobium, Titanium and Acrylic jewelry which vary on price. Your standard jewelry can be changed out to after the proper healing time.

We do not recommend Sterling Silver for the initial piercing because of tarnishing issues, nor do we recommend either Niobium or Titanium due to the fact that sometimes the body acids will deteriorate the color off the jewelry causing irritation. Furthermore, we do not recommend Acrylic jewelry for the simple fact that the acrylic harbors germs in its porous surface causing infection.


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Our hours vary depending on time of year. Either way you are sure to catch our artists any day of the week between noon and 10pm. We offer extended hours during peak season. Peak season falls between February and July.

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