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Prior to your appointment, PLEASE NOTE:

Do not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs for pain relief purposes prior to tattoo sessions. Both aspirin and alcohol thin your blood and promote excessive bleeding. Aspirin also decreases the clotting of blood, which will slow down your healing as well. In addition, our artists do not appreciate dealing with drunks and is illegal in many states.

Regarding our Tattoos
We have a $50 minimum that guarantees you have brand new needles, ink, and ink caps for each and every person. Everything is disposable and ‘one-time’ use only. Our artists have completed First Aid, CPR, and Blood Borne Pathogen classes. They all possess certificates of completion from the Body Art Seminars hosted by the Volusia County Health Department .

“A tattoo is one of the most dynamic symbols of self expression ever created and it is important to rely on the expert guidance of your artist for the proper aftercare of your life-long treasure.”

You were tattooed in a modern studio with sterilized instruments and pigments and, after the process, the artist may have dressed the tattoo with a small amount of unscented white lotion. The long life of your tattoo depends upon the care you give it during the first few days and weeks.

  1. Do not re-bandage the tattoo
  2. Do not apply Vaseline, lanolin or petroleum based products (no Neosporin)
  3. Do not apply alcohol
  4. Do not rub, scratch or pick at the tattoo
  5. Do not expose to direct sunlight, swim or soak in sauna, steam bath or tub for 2 weeks 6. Be sure clothing touching your tattoo is clean and soft

A tattoo is considered minor surgery.

It may bleed a bit at first, but it will stop within a couple of hours. Remove your bandage in one hour. If the gauze, bed sheets or clothes sticks to the skin, soak the area with cold water until the gauze, bed sheets, or clothes loosens, then remove carefully.

Once the tattoo is exposed, wash it carefully in cold water, gently applying antibacterial soap with fingers (never use a cloth) to remove all surface blood. Rinse with cold water. Do not let the water stream directly hit the tattoo. Pat dry with a clean towel and air-dry for 15 minutes. Then gently apply a thin layer of unscented white lotion ointment sparingly. Massage into your skin. Do not leave your tattoo wet looking due to excessive unscented white lotion. Repeat 3 or 4 times a day for 7 to 10 days.

After 5 to 14 days the tattoo may start to peel (this is normal like a sunburn) and scab. DO NOT pick or peel the skin away, let it fall off naturally during washing or application of unscented white lotion. Fresh skin will soon replace the dead skin. Colors may fade during the process but will return when healing is completed.

Tattoo Goo lotion keeps your tattoos from drying and the skin areas soft and moist. Always apply sparingly. Too much prevents the skin/tattoo from breathing, and can cause leeching of the colors. If this happens, discontinue use, wash the tattoo, pat dry, and consult your tattoo artist at your earliest convenience.

After a few weeks, all scabbing will be gone; but the area may still be sensitive. Continue regular cleaning and application of unscented white lotion for proper aftercare for your tattoo.

Exposure to the sun is the major cause of tattoo fading, but after a few months you may sunbathe in moderation. Always use a sun block (at least SPF-30 sunscreen that provides UVA and UVB protection).

If you experience any reaction to unscented white lotion, discontinue use and consult your tattoo artist. We recommend if there is an irritation to use Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion (non-scented) or Lubriderm.

Tattoo Aftercare Overview
  1. Remove your bandage after an hour.
  2. Wash gently with warm water using a mild liquid soap like Dial. Make sure to wash all the built up plasma off
  3. Rinse for 3 minutes in cool water.
  4. Pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel and then let it air dry for 5–10 minutes. If a build up of lymph fluid occurs during drying, pat it off gently with a clean towel.
  5. Apply a “THIN” layer of unscented white lotion. Massage in unscented white lotion (a little goes a long way). Blot off excess unscented white lotion with paper towel. It is better to have the tattoo on the dry side, than to have it too moist. Repeat 2–3 times a day for 3–4 days.
  • No soaking in Water
  • No swimming
  • No direct sunlight
  • Do not pick at your tattoo
  • Always use clean hands to wash your tattoo
  • Always use a clean towel to dry your tattoo

Please ask about cutting edge SANIDERM . Typically, you can keep the second bandage on anywhere from 3-5 days. Saniderm bandages protect your healing tattoo from scabbing, infection, and other irritants that damage tattoos.

It is normal for your tattoo to look like the ink is ‘coming out’ of your skin for the first few days. Do not be alarmed. This is part of the normal healing process. Just keep following the healing aftercare as normal.

If your tattoo itches during healing, pat it instead of scratching it. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at (386) 253-5857 or fax us at (386) 255-5999.


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